We’re a company bred out of empathy for upcoming and aspiring entrepreneurs. We’ve walked miles in your shoes, we know how cumbersome it is to manage international payments from a non-supported country. We converted our pain point into a simplified process that gives anyone access to a Stripe & PayPal account from anywhere in the world. By working with authorised and official platforms, we guarantee you a seamless access to your approved business accounts while handling the end to end sign up process at an affordable price.

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We believe in empowering businesses and allowing them to leapfrog into the world of international business and payments.


We will set up a company for you in the UK regardless of where you live.


We will setup your international business bank account for you to manage your funds.


We will provide you access to your very own Stripe & PayPal accounts to manage international payments.


You will have access to all these features from the comfort of your home!


  • zk

    Business Launch Hub gave me the voice I was looking for. They provided me, a non-UK resident, with a full-fledged set up in the UK that allows me to run my business from the comfort of my home. From the company set up to managing payments, bank accounts, and so much more, they handled the end-to-end onboarding experience in a truly professional manner.

    Zohair Khan
    Zohair Khan Ltd.
  • Hamza Siddiqui
    It was an awesome experience overall! I availed the Empowered Entrepreneur package and was provided with everything that was promised.
    Hamza Siddiqui
    Solo Entrepeneur
  • Ruknuddin Hamza

    Excellent communication. They were able to set me up a company and related accounts within two weeks.

    Ruknuddin Hamza
    CEO - Trization Ltd
Frequently Asked Questions
1Why do I need to submit proof of ID and proof of address?
These are required to comply with anti-money-laundering regulations.
2What forms of ID are acceptable and how do I submit them?
We need two things from you:
  1. Either your ID card or passport
  2. Your bank statement or a utility bill that has your name and address on it dated within the last 3 months (it should have a date on it so we know when the document was created)
3Can I use the same Stripe account on different store?
Sure, Stripe lets you link the same account to more than one store.
4How much tax do I have to pay every year?
Corporate tax in the United Kingdom is 19% from the profit you make each year, click here (https://www.gov.uk/corporation-tax) to learn more about that topic.
5Do I need to pay VAT?
You don’t have to pay VAT unless you are making more than £85,000 a year.
6How long is it going to take to process my order?
We usually take from 4-6 days to finish orders, but in some rare cases we may take up to 7 business days
7Will this still work If my site has been previously banned?
No, because your domain has been blacklisted by Stripe. A new domain is needed.
8What kind of bank account do you offer?
We offer digital bank accounts in one of the challenger banks like TransferWise, Monzo, Revolut, and Tide. Please note that just like any other bank account, you will need to place an initial deposit in these accounts to become active.
9Why you and not someone else?
We have been through the ups and downs of setting up a Stripe & PayPal account ourselves. And we have learned the perfect, 100% legal way to obtain these services from anywhere in the world. We have done intense research to make this process 100% Remote, 100% Legal, & 100% Faster than any other options available today.
10What about Stripe Atlas?
Stripe Atlas is a good solution for US CITIZENS And Not Others! If you do go for Stripe Atlas as a non-US citizen, Stripe won't set up a Bank account for you. And you will be shut down in 10 days or less of using that account. And the $500+ fees will not be refundable. Most of our previous clients have already tried atlas and lost their time and money after being shut down so beware of that.
11Is there any other Solution?
We are continuously trying to figure out new solutions for our clients. We have an effective team and a huge network. And until now, the offshore business establishment solution has been the best solution so far.

We believe in empowering entrepreneurs and allowing them to leapfrog into the world of international business and payments.


Interested in launching your business and acquiring a Stripe & PayPal Account? Provide your information and we will reach out to you!

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